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For 16 year old Darryl, life in Roman-occupied Nazareth is a real drag – especially when everyone at your high school thinks you’re a loser, and you’re convinced the spots on your forehead are sure signs of leprosy. But everything changes with the arrival of a new refugee neighbor, Jay. When Jay decides to join Darryl’s band, they discover the most potent force of all time – the power of METAL. And friendship. But mostly METAL.

 The Book of Darryl (TBOD) is a 9000-word digital novel featuring over 100 GIF animations from cult artist Scorpion Dagger, sound effects and an original heavy metal score. Co-written and directed by Webby Award Winning team The Goggles (Welcome to Pine Point, Adbusters) and Matthew Bate (Shut Up Little Man) TBOD is a digital narrative told through social media and will be released as a hardback Augmented Reality book. Telling the genesis story of the birth of Heavy Metal and the friendship behind one of the greatest untold musical partnerships in history, TBOD is a radical, hilarious and touching story of teen angst.   

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A Closer Production in Association with The Goggles. 

Written and Directed by Matthew Bate (Closer Productions) & Michael Simons and Paul Shoebridge (the Goggles). 

Producer - Rebecca Summerton

Animation - James Kerr aka Scorpian Dagger 

Music - Ryan Battistuzzi