A multi-channel gallery work and Virtual Reality experience that pitches competitive sport and the mythical power of cricket as a metaphor for life and parenthood, The Summation of Force is no less than a Lynchian suburban dreamscape. It is a paean to collective dreams, youthful determination, and the bonds that sporting ambition can create both within families and nations.  A collaboration between photographers Trent Parke (Magnum) & Narelle Autio and filmmaker Matthew Bate. 

Directors - Trent Parke, Narelle Autio &  Matthew Bate 

Produced by Closer Productions / Autio-Parke / Jumpgate VR

Editor - Raynor Pettge

Line Producers - Katrina Lucas, Bec Summerton

Composer -Jason Sweeney 

Sound Design - Leigh Kenyon