Infamous for producing ‘splatter-punk video nasties’ Dick Dale has been a cult hero in Australia’s underground film scene for over 20 years. Dick’s company Cheesy Knob Productions is responsible for such comedy-horror classics as YOWIE, in which a mythical Australian monster is blown up by a didgeridoo bazooka, or Pelican Boy, about kid and a mutant bird who take on a horde of ecologically unfriendly Nazi pirates. And now, armed with zero budget, some dips foraged from dumpster diving and a small army of actors and crew assembled from the punk community, Dick is about to make his first feature film. It will be an epic, lo-fi trash filmmaking odyssey, that will either make or break his career.      

A love letter to no budget filmmaking this riotous 6 part comedy doc series mashes ob-doc, jump scares and an infamous narrator who will guide us through the trials and tribulations of Dick Dale's splatterpunk video nasty.   

Coming EARLY 2020. 

Producers - Matthew Bate & Katrina Lucas 

Director - Matthew Bate & Liam Somerville 

Editors - Raynor Pettge & Luc Hansen 

A Closer Production in Association with Capital Waste Pictures.