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Shut Up Little Man! rolling out in US cinemas with VOD to follow.

Tribeca Films is on the verge of rolling out Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure into the U.S market. This week saw the film feature on the IMDB homepage and the new trailer on iTunes. If you want to find a cinema screening in the U.S then visit the Official Site or Tribeca Film’s page . The film will also be available on VOD from August 25th.

Stunt Love - TV Premiere Tuesday 30th August ABC TV

After a great Premiere at the Adelaide Film Festival and screenings at New York’s MOMA Museum earlier this year, Stunt Love finally screens on Australian TV this month. Tune in to ABC 1 Tuesday 30th August at 10 pm to see the Dashing! Crashing! Burning Love! that is the story of J.P McGowan and his leading lady Helen Holmes. And visit the interactive website hosted by Aussie stunt legend Grant Page, and learn what it takes to wrestle a leopard and survive being set on fire!

52 Tuesdays production countdown!

Closer’s latest feature film (and first feature drama) 52 TUESDAYS will commence shooting at the end of August. The film is being shot chronologically, every Tuesday for an entire year and we are calling out for favours to help make the film happen. Come and be friends with us on Facebook or send us an email at 52tuesdays@closerproductions.com.au to find out more.

First STVDIO Artbreak spot online


The first of the Artbreak spots for STVDIO is now available to watch online, covering the Art Gallery of South Australia's Saatchi Gallery in Adelaide - British Art Now exhibition.

Closer nominated for two AACTA awards!

Closer has been nominated for 2 AACTA Awards for Best Documentary Feature for both SHUT UP LITTLE MAN! An AUDIO MISADVENTURE and LIFE IN MOVEMENT. It’s an incredible honour for us to have our debut feature films representing in the awards, and follows an incredible year with both films enjoying great success.


Read more about the AACTA awards nominations here.


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