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Closer Productions receives Gender Matters Funding

Closer is very excited to announce that it has been a successful recipient of Screen Australia's new Gender Matters program.


This week Screen Australia announced $3 million worth of funding across 45 story ideas and 13 industry projects from around the country. The initiative is designed to fast track the development of female key creatives, and address the ongoing gender imbalance in the film industry. It was the largest group of projects funded in a single day in the organisation's histroy.


Sophie and Bec were successful in their application for the Brilliant Careers program. The funding will allow Closer to further support the careers of their existing female principals and offer opportunities for new talent.


Committed to identifying and supporting exceptional female voices, Closer's early development fund will allow the company to nurture identified talent and allow women's stories to flourish.


Huge thanks to Screen Australia, and congratulations to the gigantic group of talented women recognised by the program! You can read all about it here.

'To Look Away' in Adelaide!


Some of the clever Closer folk made a 5-screen visual art work called 'To Look Away' as part of Carriageworks major exhibition 24 Frames Per Second in Sydney 2015.


Now a select bunch of stunning works from that exibition, including To Look Away, is finally showing in Adelaide, at the new ACE Open from 25 May.


'To Look Away' was created by Closer-ites Sophie Hyde and Bryan Mason, in a long-loving collaboration with Restless Dance Theatre.


Sophie Hyde: "I love this piece, which features portraits of some of the Restless Dance Theatre ensemble and some amazing people we worked with on 52 TUESDAYS, Tilda and Zoe. Huge thanks to those who made it with us. It kicks off a big few days with lots of live work and panels, etc."


Come along to the opening this Thursday 5-7pm and then the exhibition runs until the 1st July. More details here.


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