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An outstanding Australian cast has been announced for F*CKING ADELAIDE, a 6-part comedy drama series for ABC iview . Headlined by AFI, Helpmann and Green Room Award-winning Australian icon Pamela Rabe (Wentworth, Cosi), Tilda Cobham-Hervey (52 Tuesdays, Barracuda, The Kettering Incident, Hotel Mumbai), Kate Box (Rake, The Little Death), and singer, songwriter, actor, Brendan McLean (The Great Gatsby, Tracks). Production commenced this week in – you guessed it – Adelaide.


F*CKING ADELAIDE is the new production from Closer Productions, the creative South Australian team and SAFC Seed company behind the groundbreaking and internationally award winning feature film 52 Tuesdays.


Commissioned by the ABC and Screen Australia through their Long Story Short initiative, F*CKING ADELAIDE was one of 6 successful projects out of 290 applicants. The series has received additional funding from the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC).


ABC will premiere F*CKING ADELAIDE online on its iview platform in 2017.


Three close but disparate siblings reunite in Adelaide. But when they discover their mother is selling their childhood home, their middle class freedoms and sense of security is rocked and they are forced to confront a past that none of them can let go of. Each 12 minute episode is told through the unique point of view of one of the characters.


F*CKING ADELAIDE is directed by Sophie Hyde, produced by Rebecca Summerton and Sophie Hyde and written by Matthew Cormack and Matt Vesely.


Director/Producer Sophie Hyde said “It’s a total delight for me to work with this stunning ensemble cast and to be creating this funny, and at times heartbreaking series in our home-town and alongside the crew we know and trust. It’s refreshing to reclaim the jokes about Adelaide and laugh at ourselves while utilising all the things we relish about this city and speaking to the experience of family and home. We are also thrilled to partnering with our investors to create work for ABC’s ever more exciting digital platform ABC iview, which gives us the opportunity to be playful with the episodic form and allows audiences to watch whenever they want”


“The competition for Long Story Short was about as fierce as any funding round ever gets,” said Mike Cowap, Investment Manager, Screen Australia. “The Closer team shone through with this moving, profound, and hilariously well-observed story about family and place, ably supported by their rich body of previous work.”


Said ABC Head of Comedy Rick Kalowski, “F*cking Adelaide is one of the most innovative, sophisticated scripted shows ABC iview has yet commissioned, from one of the most talented production teams in the country.  We’re thrilled to continue our collaboration with Screen Australia Multiplatform, and to renew ours with The South Australian Film Corporation, with whom we hope to work frequently in the next few years”.


CEO of the South Australian Film Corporation, Annabelle Sheehan said “Closer Productions is an innovative filmmaking collective who are part of a distinctly South Australian new wave of filmmakers. Their work represents a unique creative voice in the Australian screen landscape. Being selected as one of 6 projects from almost 300 applications confirms how dynamic and compelling South Australian stories are.”


All key creatives and Heads of Department are South Australian. The series will shoot from early December through to mid-January on location in Adelaide and South Australia.


With F*CKING ADELAIDE and other projects in development, Closer Productions builds on the success of feature films 52 TuesdaysLife in Movement and Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure, as well as television like Hannah Gadsby’s Oz and I Want To Dance Better At Parties.  The company is dedicated to working in a bespoke development practice that recognises the value of deep collaboration, unique development processes and guiding work that engages directly with its audience.


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