The Defenders to Premiere at Sydney Film Festival

May 12, 2023

The Defenders - a new feature film documentary directed by Closer's Matthew Bate alongside fellow Closer alumni Bryan Mason (editor) and Raynor Pettge (motion graphics/design), will make it's premiere at Sydney Film Festival on June 15th ahead of its Australia/new Zealand release on Prime Video on June 23rd.

When talented Australian refugee footballer Hakeem al-Araibi steps off the plane in Thailand for his honeymoon, he finds himself facing an Interpol arrest order for alleged terrorism offences. What unfolds is the gripping true story of a heroic whistle-blower who, on speaking out about his own torture, sets off a revenge plot involving three countries, two royal families and the world's most powerful sporting body, FIFA. As Hakeem awaits extradition back to Bahrain, a group of campaigners led by a retired Australian football captain Craig Foster fight for his release.

The film is produced by Sweetshop and Green.

The Defenders - TRAILER

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Monolith at SXSW

Monolith at SXSW

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